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Combining years of securities law experience, three law firms created an alliance in July 2007 to represent investors affected by subprime and credit crunch investment losses. Review our credentials and contact us. We'll give you our candid opinion.

Who We Are

We are experienced securities arbitration and litigation attorneys who have recovered more than $1 billion for investors from Wall Street brokers and brokerage firms. Among us are several former regulatory and brokerage industry insiders, providing the depth of experience needed to analyze subprime and credit crunch related investment cases.

What We Do

Drawing on our collective experience, we evaluate investment losses to uncover signs of unsuitability, improper disclosure, misrepresentation, omission, negligence, fraud and other misconduct on the part of brokers and investment firms. We are currently filing lawsuits to recover losses due to Wall Street misconduct in the structuring and sale of subprime and mortgage related investments including: bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds and other fixed income securities.

Overview of the Subprime and Credit Crunch Crisis

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Our Credentials

Read about the collective credentials of our firms' attorneys.

Our Affiliation

Read about our unique affiliation.